World of Final Fantasy brings spiky hair and Buster Swords to PC

World of Final Fantasy launched in October 2016 as a spin-off to the sprawling JRPG series. The game was well received, taking players on an incredibly charming adventure laden with fan service, and now it’s jumping from PlayStation consoles and will soon launch on PC.

The announcement was made through a Youtube video on Final Fantasy’s channel. The game follows new characters Reynn and Lann as they explore and save the land of Grymoire from encroaching evil. Pretty standard JRPG stuff, but this game features some hefty gameplay changes that separate it from the rest of its series. For one, it has a lot of Pokémon influences, as you’ll have to battle and capture creatures to use in combat. These are drawn from Final Fantasy’s extensive history, and include its monsters, summons, and adorable chibi versions of heroes. Your captured minions can be used in combat, exploration, and also…. stacked on top of your character’s head to provide additional combat abilities? Huh, that seems a lot weirder now that it’s written down.

World of Final Fantasy will launch on Steam on 21 November, and it can be added to your wishlist now. To make up for the wait, PC players get additional legendary creatures, including the iconic villain Sephiroth.