The Surge’s first DLC goes off the rails

The Surge launched in mid 2017 to decent reviews, offering a Souls-like experience, packed with heavy atmosphere, hostile locations, and a whole heap of dying. In its upcoming first DLC expansion, the game will take players to a futuristic amusement park. Think of it as post-apocalyptic Disneyland, only with murderous robotic mascots and rogue AI instead of alligators and smallpox outbreaks.

Announced on Steam, the DLC is amusingly titled “A Walk in the Park”, and will take players to CREO World, an amusement park built by the in-game megacorporation CREO. The park was originally intended for employees and their families, but has become deadly after being hit by disaster. The once cheery mascots are now rampaging, rescue teams have gone insane, and the price for official merchandise is just exorbitant.

In contrast to the base game, A Walk in the Park is open and colourful. Developer Deck13 Interactive has promised that it will be vastly different from previous environments, and will feature many branching paths and secrets. Judging from the wording in the announcement, it seems like the DLC will supplement the base game, not continue its story, making it more of a side-mission to explore. Besides the environment, the expansion will add 16 new weapons, new sets of armour, and more implants, as well as a boss battle appropriate to an amusement park.

The price and exact release date of the expansion haven’t been finalised, but it is planned to launch in late 2017. Also announced was The Surge: Complete Edition, which packages the game with all its DLC, including A Walk in the Park. This is also launching in late 2017 for PC, PS4, and XBO.