Nintendo Switch Monopoly takes longer to get ready than your significant other

The word around Eloff Street (when I was a kid, Eloff Street was the most expensive tile on the board, try to keep up) is that Monopoly on the Nintendo Switch is plagued by some of the worst loading times of recent times – people are talking about between ten and fifteen minutes to load a game. Perhaps it’s meant to be in real time, based on how long it takes to actually build a hotel.

Developer EngineSoftware clearly feels we all have too much time on our hands. Publisher Ubisoft is, naturally, flapping hard to sort this out.

“We are aware of a loading time issue with Monopoly for Nintendo Switch and our teams are working on a patch to resolve the issue as soon as possible,” said good ‘ol Ubi. “In the meantime, players should restart their Nintendo Switch prior to starting Monopoly for Nintendo Switch. We will share an update when the issue has been resolved.”

So, basically…

Via Eurogamer.