Nioh on PC apparently doesn’t support a mouse (lol?)

Ahead of the game’s Complete Edition launch on Steam next Tuesday, a number of YouTube streamers with pre-release copies have confirmed that for some inscrutable reason, you can’t play Team Ninja’s third-person samurai-’em-up with a mouse. A keyboard, yes. But a mouse, no. How does that even work?

According to a report on DSOGaming, your options on PC – a platform, as you probably already know, almost entirely defined by its use of a mouse and keyboard – are limited to a keyboard only  like it’s 1989, or a console controller. Hilariously, though, a mouse is required to install and launch the game, as a constant reminder of what might’ve been.

The decision to exclude mouse support is, perhaps not unexpectedly, a somewhat controversial one on the game’s Steam discussion forum, with incredulity and outrage from mouse and keyboard players, and exceedingly clever repartee from smug controller players that those guys are “not intelligent enough to enjoy it”. So, hey, it’s just a regular day on the internet.

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