Quantum Break on Xbox One X will be enormous

I wanted to open this news piece with a pun about Quantum Break breaking your hard drive. Then I wanted to make a pun about quantum states either taking up all your remaining drive space or just a little piece of it, but that wouldn’t make any sense. Because what’s really happening is Quantum Break will devour around 178GB of drive space on Xbox One X, if you decide to download the fully enhanced version of the game. That’s going to suck if you’re downloading it on an ADSL line.

Currently Quantum Break consumes about 50GB of disk space on Xbox One and Windows 10, and that’s well within the “normal” requirement for modern games. The Xbox One X will receive a special version of the game (which might come to PC later) that will include 4K assets, higher-quality special effects, higher-fidelity sound, and a host of other patches and game updates to suit the new console. This is basically a remaster of the original game, although some of the updates like HDR support will come to the Xbox One S as well.

The special version for the One X sits at 102.5GB. It’s bigger than Forza Motorsport 7, and it’s much bigger than recent hits like Assassin’s Creed Origins or Destiny 2. But that’s not all, folks! If you don’t want to stream the TV-style cut-scenes on the fly, you can download those as well – to the tune of an additional 75GB. It’s not strictly necessary, but you do get better quality from the local video files rather than streamed ones. The One X will upscale these cut-scenes to suit 4K displays.

I guess Quantum Break’s download progress will be best left in a quantum state, lest you look at it at the wrong time and see that it is dead.