News of the Xbox One X supporting 1440p (or Quad HD, as I’ve recently learned it’s called) displays broke recently. I glanced over it, and left it for one of the clever tech guys. See, I’m not the tech guy. I’m not the brains of this operation. I’m the rambler. Snark Special Forces. But it’s already Friday and no one else seems to be picking this up, so I’ll give it a bash.

Okay, so you get different screen resolution things, right? If your mom went to buy you a new TV for your Xbox 360, she bought a 720p HD Ready TV. Which was bullshit, and the assholes at Dion Wired who sold it to her knew it. If you had a few bucks and went to buy your own gaming TV, you went Full HD. Which we call 1080p. If you drove a Lamborghini to the shops to buy your TV, you bought a 4K TV. Which makes your eyes hurt with 2160 razor-sharp p things. Dammit, do you see why I shouldn’t be left to write this stuff?

But did you know that there’s a whole segment sitting precariously between your 1080p and your fancy 4K? Oh yes. It’s a little thing called 1440p, and it’s considered a top choice for gamers using a monitor instead of a TV. Something about priotising framerate. Anyway, the Xbox One X supports this thing, natively. Which, I presume, means that the Australian Aborigines, Khoisan, and the Inuit support it fully (can someone please take over before I say something unintentionally offensive?).

Okay, lets wrap this up. My Twitter DM box is rattling with people who want to call me rude names. I read an article on The Verge which said that the Xbox One X supports 1440p resolution, and it’s lovely. The end.


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