EA Sports UFC 3 has a release date and an ugly mug on its cover

If you’re a fan of EA Sports’ take on the mixed martial arts thing, you’ll be interested to know that the popular smash-his-face-in-’em-up franchise is going for round three on 3 February 2018. Also, if you’re a fan of arrogant thugs who run their mouths, you may be interested to know that Connor “I’m the new God of boxing – oh, hang on, why aren’t my legs working anymore?” McGregor will have his gloriously simian face on the cover of EA Sports UFC 3.

I kid, of course. He’s great. And this is neither the time nor the place for that debate. Getting back to the subject at hand, we now know a little more about UFC 3, including an intriguing new G.O.A.T. Career Mode. Obviously riding on the popularity of both FIFA and Madden’s recently included story modes, EA Sports is hoping the G.O.A.T. mode will bring the same magic to UFC 3. Craft your fighter, build rivalries, shape your destiny, and all that.

Both EA Sports UFC titles so far have been quite incredible in terms of fighter modelling (their faces are meant to look like that. Yes, even the ears), and UFC 3 is bound to take that realism even further. The Real Player Motion system has over 5,000 new animations, and it’s all been built from the ground up, with more fluid striking and reactions making the fighters interact in a more lifelike way.

I’m a fan, so I’ll be putting my money where my mouth is in February next year when EA Sports UFC 3 moers its way onto store shelves.