Hanzo from Overwatch is ryū ga waga teki o kurauing into Heroes of the Storm

… And so is World of WarCraft’s Alextrasza, but that would’ve messed up my super clever headline which doesn’t actually even make sense if you translate the Japanese but let’s pretend for funs.

Anyway, Alextrasza (who can transform into a dragon) and Hanzo (who can summon a dragon who probably isn’t Alextrasza, but you know that fanfic is already out there somewhere on the internet and inevitably involves some kind of probably kinky, maybe racist, definitely unethical sex) will be joining Heroes of the Storm’s roster sometime this month and next, Blizzard announced at BlizzCon over the weekend.

Other Overwatch characters in the studio’s free-to-play MOBA include D.Va, Tracer, Ana, Junkrat, and Hanzo’s own bro Genji, who presumably spend time in the Nexus when they’re not on the payload. So that’s, like, most of the time.

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