EA is forcing Star Wars stuff into all its games as we get ready for Battlefront 2

As part of the big push before the launch of Star Wars Battlefront 2, EA is adding Star Wars-themed bits and pieces to a number of the biggest games on their roster. Here, have a Luke…

FIFA 18 gets a set of pretty slick Inferno Squad-inspired kit, both home and away, which is yours simply by logging in to FIFA Ultimate Team anytime before 28 November.

NHL 18 also gets new gear, although to get that added to your game you’ll have had to log in to Hockey Ultimate Team before 1 November, so you may have missed that already.

NBA Live 18 follows suit, giving you a black-and-white kit option with the very Star Wars-y Inferno Squad logo on the chest, as well as themed court graphics. Those will be unlocked via Inferno Squad-themed Live Events.

Battlefield 1 is unique and a little left-field, probably because running around France in 1918 wearing a Star Wars hoodie would seem thematically wrong. Instead, EA is giving players a very oddly shaped melee weapon. It’s called a Totokia War Club, which might not ring any clear Star Wars bells for you, but there’s a connection: the traditional Fijian weapon was the basis for the gaffi stick – the close-combat weapon of choice for those pesky Tusken Raiders. Yes, I had to go look that up. To add the Totokia War Club to your arsenal, just log in to Battlefield 1 from 8 November.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be with us in less than two weeks, so until then you may as well get into the mood with some inspired gear for your favourite EA games.