Hand of Fate 2 deals a launch trailer

The original Hand of Fate launched in 2015 and was met with generally positive reviews. It’s an RPG with card elements, which sees players guided on an adventure by the enigmatc Dealer. A sequel was announced in 2016, and now we have a shiny launch trailer to get excited about.

Hand of Fate 2 reunites players with the Dealer, except now he’s more or less on your side. According to the trailer, he’s putting players through their paces to turn them into bad-asses so they can get revenge. Judging by the footage, the gameplay will be similar to the first title. The Dealer will guide players on a narrated journey through RPG tropes and set-pieces, and will play cards from a deck that will either help or hinder their progress.

These cards may introduce a new setting, or an ambush, or give the player new weapons. The sequel offers new weapon types, such as dual-wielded or two-handed options, and enemy classes that are determined by their card suit. Another addition to the sequel is the inclusion of companion characters who can influence the story, as well as what looks like multiple playable heroes. Here’s a nifty trailer.

Hand of Fate 2 launches on 7 November for PC, PS4 and XBO.

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