Total War: Rome 2 expands with Empire Divided

If you’re a true Total War fan (unlike Chris Kemp) you may remember the announcement a few months back that the series would be expanding soon. If you don’t remember, that’s fine. There’s a reason why we link keywords to previous articles. Anyway, after some teasing from Creative Assembly, they have finally shed light on the upcoming Total War: ROME II – Empire Divided. Strap on your lorica and grab a spatha, it’s time to prevent the fall of the Roman Empire.

According to a post on the Total War blog, Empire Divided takes players to 270 AD, right before the once glorious Roman Empire began to decline. The Romans are in a bit of a pickle, complete economic collapse seems inevitable, and opposition gathers on every border. A time period doesn’t get called the Crisis of the Third Century because everyone was having a super awesome time.

Players can guide one of 10 factions through a grand-scale campaign, with the goal of either reunifying or destroying the Empire. A new feature is the addition of Heroic Factions, who are based around prominent historical figures. These factions will have different victory conditions and time limits, special units, tech trees, and will provide a stronger narrative to the player.

However, that’s not the only addition to ROME II. Launching for free on 30 November is the Power and Politics update, which will overhaul the campaign gameplay. Your actions in battle, as well as completing missions, can influence your political power and will affect how other factions and governments will deal with you. In short, it gives greater depth and strategy to the game outside of battles. The update will not apply to the Caesar in Gaul DLC, as that uses its own politics system.

Empire Divided and Power and Politics will both launch for PC on 30 November, and Total War: ROME II Emperor Edition is required to play it. It’s good to see Creative Assembly attempting to improve what started out as a flawed product. Now let’s just hold our breath for Medieval III…