Crytek monster hunter Hunt: Showdown will go to closed alpha then Early Access

If you haven’t covered yourself in the glory and bile that is Hunt: Showdown yet, you probably should stay awhile and listen. Up to five teams of two race around a dirty, gloomy swamp tracking a giant monster in order to claim a bounty on its head. If you’re not the one who kills it, fear not – now you get to kill each other instead. Interested? You should be.

We’ve only seen some pretty early footage so far this year at E3, but it did look pretty damn good.

Crytek has now announced that the game will be getting a limited closed alpha this winter (summer, for us southerners), which will slowly expand the number of players over time. Crytek state that they’re doing this in order to integrate community feedback into the dev process, which sounds good. From the closed alpha they’ll be launching on Steam Early Access, and hoping they don’t go the way of that asymmetrical monster hunting game that was so forgettable I can’t even remember it. Evolve? It was Evolve, right?

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