PSA: You can download and play Overwatch for freebies next weekend

If you’re not hyped about Destiny 2’s first Clarion Call event, maybe some Overwatch is more your sort of thing. From 21:00 on 17 November until 10:00 on 21 November local time, you’ll be able to not get on the payload and blame everybody else instead for the budget price of zero cash munnies in the very cleverly named Overwatch Free Weekend on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The event includes access to every hero, every map, every game mode, and every excuse for losing because your Mercy sucks and Torbjörn is a noob class and Reaper is so hax, anyway. You’ll also earn loot boxes and level up, and if you decide that Overwatch is totally your kind of thing and buy the game, your progress will be saved.