Capcom has committed to support Nintendo Switch with new games including Ace Attorney coming in 2018

After offering very little so far in the way of support since the console’s launch, Capcom has clarified that they’ve definitely got games in the works for Nintendo’s Switch for 2018, scheduled for release after April. You’d think that should go without saying, but some publishers, like EA, have been taking a “wait and see” approach while putting together their Switch development plans.

Other publishers, like Bethesda, are porting triple-A titles to Switch faster than we can play them. Capcom looks to be at a sort of middle ground between the two approaches, with the publisher’s COO Haruhiro Tsujiro confirming what sounds like multiple titles, including something from the Ace Attorney franchise.

So far, in the West, Capcom has served up a pretty dismal Street Fighter II port and not much else, so let’s hope that some of the publisher’s other high-profile IPs will be joining Ace Attorney next year. Monster Hunter yes please great thanks.

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