Live your weird Thomas the Tank Engine fantasies with Railway Empire early next year

You know it’s a slow news day when trains make it to the front page. But yes, today we’re talking trains. More specifically, Kalypso’s Railway Empire, which the publisher has now announced will roll into the station on 26 January 2016. I secretly loved Railroad Tycoon, so I’m definitely on board for this one.

“Build, manage and expand your own railroad company: Hire personnel, try your luck on stock market, sabotage your rivals and spy on their companies on your way to building your railway empire,” says the official press blurb. You’ll have 300 technologies to research, with a 100-year campaign spread across North America. Oh, and you’ll be able to get up and close and personal with your steel machines and take the wheel yourself with the Ride Along feature. Do trains have wheels? Okay, the lever. Or knob. The thing you drive a train with.

We don’t see a lot of this sort of thing anymore, especially not on console, so it’s good to see that Railway Empire is coming to Xbox One and PS4, as well as Linux and Windows platforms.