Noctis broods into Tekken 7

There’s been a fairly long history of Final Fantasy characters appearing in fighting games, from Ehrgeiz on PS1, followed by Super Smash Bros. and the Dissidia games. Now, in a recent announcement from Bandai Namco, the Final Fantasy XV’s emo protagonist Noctis will soon be kicking and scowling into Tekken 7.

According to a trailer, Noctis Lucis Caelum, hero of the most recent Final Fantasy outing, will be available as DLC. He will be bringing his iconic Engine Blade and a unique moveset inspired by his game. To complete his inclusion, the gas station from Final Fantasy XV will be a playable stage, complete with Chocobos and supporting characters dressed like male strippers.

Story-wise, it looks like Noctis is being drawn into the King of the Iron Fist tournament by Lars Alexsandersson, whose grand ambition is… to go fishing with him. Look, no one ever said Final Fantasy or Tekken made sense all the time. Anyway, Noctis will be joining the arena sometime in early 2018. Judging by the price of the Eliza DLC, this one may cost upwards of R55.

And while we’re on the subject of Tekken 7 guest characters, can we start a petition to get Dark Souls or Bloodborne characters added in? I really want to praise the sun in the middle of a juggle-combo.