Warface is also getting a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mode

What? If Fortnite can do it, so can Warface. Oh, you mean nobody even plays Warface, so what’s the point. I dunno, maybe Crytek thinks that by being trendy and cool and on, uh, fleek (is that how you’re supposed to use it, kids?), then more people will sign up for its sci-fi shooter. Which is almost totally free, by the way. Please play it, guys. It’s getting a battle royale mode now too. And the Macarena. Okay, not the Macarena.

The new “experimental PVP” battle royale mode, called – you guessed it – Battle Royale, is more or less exactly the same as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (… and Fortnite’s Battle Royale), with everybody shooting everybody else dead in a desperate bid to be the only person not shot dead in the game’s new “largest PVP map ever”, according to the studio’s announcement. The number of players isn’t confirmed, but obvious-joke-about-Warface-probably-not-even-having-100-total-players.

It’s out in the next update, whenever that is, “for a limited time” only.