A new TV series based on the popular Hitman game franchise is heading to Hulu, and it’s being written by John Wick creator Derek Kolstad. People are very excited, as everyone seems to have loved both of the John Wick films, and Hitman has definitely had something of a resurgence lately thanks to IO Interactive’s recent episodic releases.

Kolstad is writing the pilot episode, and will then take an Executive Producer role for the series, along with Adrian Askarieh and Chuck Gordon, who both already have Hitman movies on their résumés.

After years of confident chill, Netflix suffered a rude awakening at the Emmys this year when underdog Hulu came out of nowhere to scoop five awards for The Handmaid’s Tale. The streaming service will be looking to new series like Hitman to keep that momentum going. With talent of Kolkstad’s calibre on board, this one could be a big hit. Ugh.

[via Deadline]

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