Rainbow Six Siege will be free to play this weekend

Ubisoft is using this coming weekend as a sort of “try before you buy” session for Rainbow Six Siege, with a free play weekend starting on 16 November. It’s part of the lead-up to the release of the next DLC instalment, Operation White Noise, which will be heading to the PC technical test server next week.

The free weekend includes the full game, so you’ll get a real sense of everything that Rainbow Six Siege has to offer. After a shaky start, the second year of Ubisoft’s tactical shooter has proven quite successful, so if you’ve been holding back from giving it a go, now is your chance – those who want to take the relationship to the next level will be able to buy the full game during the test weekend for half price.

Obviously when I say “free” I mean free as long as you’ve shelled out for an Xbox Live Gold or Playstation Plus subscription. Or if you’re a PC user.

Before you go, take a quick look at what we can expect from Operation White Noise once it’s ready for action: