Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia revealed

Aside from the recent “review” by my “esteemed” colleague, Chris Kemp, it seems like I’m the resident Total War expert at NAG. Okay, I accept this, I’m a huge fan of the series. Anyway, recently we reported that Total War: Rome II would be expanding. Now, I made a little goof. I thought this expansion was what Creative Assembly was talking about when they announced Total War Saga. However, Empire Divided is not a Total War Saga, and fans of the RTS series have a whole new campaign to get hyped over.

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia takes players to 878 AD, shortly after the Viking invasion of Britain. Norsemen have settled into parts of the land, and this really doesn’t sit well with the other kings of Britain. The campaign will run roughly until 1066 AD, which historically saw the end of Norse power on the isle and the successful Norman invasion. Here’s a cinematic trailer setting up the backstory, but if you’re a fan of the TV series Vikings then you might encounter spoilers.

A post on the Total War blog goes into more detail about gameplay features. The campaign takes place on the British isles, and players will have ten factions to chose from. By covering a smaller geographical space, the campaign aims to be tightly focuses, and the blog promises a  “super-detailed campaign map, with more regional distinction”. Being a Total War Saga, all the action is focused on a pivotal era of history, instead of a grand worldwide campaign.

Total War Sage: Thrones of Britannia will launch exclusively for Windows at some point in 2018 as a standalone game. The blog post promises that gameplay will be revealed in early 2018, and you can wishlist the game on Steam in the meantime.