Greetings NAGilkujians, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. It’s Dane “Big D” Remendes’s birthday, so I’m taking him away for a romantic spa weekend. His girlfriend and my wife are coming too which is a little awkward, but she knows the deal. I didn’t want my laptop to fall in the jacuzzi, so I’m uploading this badboy in advance so that you get your fill of bite-sized news for the week. Have a great weekend, everybody.

Mobile game Sky looks quite beautiful and quite interesting. It’s a social game which forces players to co-operate, such as arriving at a door that needs to be opened by two people. It’s a cool idea, and in the video below you can see six minutes of gameplay.

Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 are coming to Switch, and the port looks like it has all the good stuff left in. Beyond that, in this video you can see what exclusive features are coming to the handheld as well.

While we’re on the topic of Switch ports, check out this comparison video between Skyrim on Switch and Skyrim on the PS4, to see how Nintendo’s less powerful but portable option holds up.

Obsidian’s Kickstartered Pillars of Eternity II has finally gone to closed beta, and backers are now able to take part. Check out this update from the team.

FIFA 18 has a slight issue – players are able to score fairly effectively from the kick-off. And ’cause now there’s a YouTube video, of course everyone is doing it. Expect this to be patched soon.

Skyrim VR is a thing now, and you check out this dude playing four hours of it.

PUBG‘s desert map has the community (myself included) at full froth waiting for new areas to explore, and this video does a good job of showing its progress till now.

New Overwatch hero Moira is out now – just in time for the free Overwatch weekend.

I’ve said it before, but Sea of Thieves just looks better and better. Developer Rare is throwing everything at this one; check out this new trailer.

Finally, The Surge revitalises it’s junkyard theme with this amusement park DLC.

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