In the news nobody expected to read today, the 2006 mythomagic Diablo-’em-up is back with Titan Quest: Ragnarök, and 100% more vikings. And you don’t even have to wait until the end of the world, because it’s out now.

The future of the Titan Quest franchise has been a matter of some speculation since publisher THQ closed in 2013, and the property was acquired by THQ Nordic (previously Nordic Games). An obligatory Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition was released last year, featuring the game’s Immortal Throne expansion (which I remember writing about in NAG magazine sometime before it launched in 2007, omg nostalgia), but nothing much new besides about a million fixes for 10 years of problems.

“Since the day we acquired the franchise in 2013, we’ve been toying around with ideas on what’s best for Titan Quest. We were quickly motivated to do another expansion as we realized Titan Quest is still actively played,” executive producer Reinhard Pollice explains in the press stuff. “Unfortunately, it took quite a bit until we assembled a good setup for the project and meanwhile we made ourselves familiar with the inner workings of Titan Quest through the Anniversary Edition which was a huge overhaul of the original game. The end result is Ragnarök!”

The new expansion adds a new act of “unprecedented scope”, according to its Steam page, and introduces lots of new things, including a new Runemaster class, a new level cap of 85, and some new visual razzle-dazzle for PCs that have been upgraded since the original game.

It’s also 25% off at the moment, but you’ll need the Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition to play it. For whatever reason, the disc version isn’t supported, but that means I don’t have to excavate one of the spider-infested boxes in the garage so it’s okay.