This new Sea of Thieves trailer will shiver your timbers and poop your decks

There’s a lot to the pirate life, it seems, and Rare is cramming as much of it as possible into the shared-world co-op PvP explore-’em-up (how’s that for a cumbersome genre definition?) Sea of Thieves. Check out the hooks and crooks of pirating in the new trailer below, telling interested parties to “be more pirate.” There’s a man diving for bananas. And being puked on. Yarr.

For one of the few high profile exclusives on the way for the Xbox One family of consoles, Microsoft and Rare have been strangely quiet in terms of hard hype for Sea of Thieves. All we really get, when discussing the future of the console, is Xbox talking heads saying things like “…and we’ve also got Sea of Thieves coming in 2o18, which is going to be great”, and then they change the subject.

Still, it definitely looks… intriguing, and, if nothing else, the water effects on the open seas are just incredible. Hopefully as we get closer to Sea of Thieves’ unconfirmed release date we will get a clearer picture of what the game will be like to play.