Microsoft is being taken to court over patent infringements regarding the HoloLens headset

Microsoft has been surprisingly quiet when it comes to the mainstream VR game so far, letting Sony run rampant with their VR headset and bringing very little to the party themselves. But we all know that the HoloLens is waiting in the wings, and if it does what Microsoft says it’ll do, it should be in a class entirely of its own. All of that might be in peril though, if a newly filed lawsuit by a company called HoloTouch gains legal momentum.

Connecticut-based HoloTouch is all about creating “the best human-machine interfaces with touchless, intuitive HoloTouch® human-machine interface”, and says that Microsoft willfully knew about HoloTouch-patented technology for quite some time, according to an Engadget report.

HoloTouch apparently tried to get a partnership going with Microsoft way back in 2006, but them Redmond peeps weren’t interested. Instead, we had a Facebook-style scenario where they then created their own version of a similar idea and referred to HoloTouch’s work as “prior art,” and then went on to create HoloLens as an independent idea.

“HoloTouch says it again reached out to Microsoft in 2015, and then in 2016, to discuss a licensing agreement for the patents, to no success,” says the Engadget news piece.

Any successful new product is bound to pick up a few leeches hoping to make a buck with this sort of legal stuff, but in this case we’ll have to wait and see if the courts feel HoloTouch has grounds to put a spanner in the works for Microsoft.