Bungie nerfs Destiny 2 players further and plans an AMA

With Bungie’s hands already full handling the fallout from their XP progression manipulation, it seems they’re opening themselves up for more backlash from players with updates to the way XP is handled in the game. A recent update from the BungieHelp Twitter account announced that the XP progression had been nerfed to effectively 50% for all players as of now, and there’s an AMA on the horizon. Has Bungie been paying close enough attention to the EA/Battlefront 2 fallout to handle this better than their competition?

In a Tweet sent out by Bungie on their official support account on Twitter, the company announced that any issues players were having with the in-game XP earned not matching up with third-party systems was purely because of recent changes taken to alter the way the system worked. For those just joining in, over the weekend Bungie turned off some XP scaling systems that altered how much XP players were earning in public events and raids depending on their play style. According to the tweet, this change affected their in-game API which can report XP earned and other stats to third-party systems for players to keep track of their progress.

The first part of the tweet is good news for players who rallied against Bungie over the weekend over these changes. It’s the second part, though, that’s got people riled up again. Before the changes were made to switch off the scaling system, players could earn anywhere between 100% and 45% of their in-game XP that was displayed during gameplay, and it cost 80,000 XP to gain one level. Well, now that the scaling engine is off, it’s twice as time-consuming to level up your character.

While this has certainly angered fans on the Destiny subreddit and the forums, it’s not getting the same attention as EA’s controversy with Star Wars Battlefront 2’s progression being locked behind loot crate purchases. Perhaps there is player fatigue from responding to everything that’s gone down this year when it comes to loot boxes and microtransactions, or perhaps Destiny’s fan base already isn’t playing the game enough to care . Things have certainly slowed on the forums with fewer new threads being made about the subject.

Separately from today’s announcement, Destiny 2 director Luke Smith also announced that the studio was planning a Q&A session, likely on the game’s dedicated subreddit, to answer fan queries and address the XP issues.

You might also remember that the AMA held by DICE on the Battlefront 2 subreddit was far less informational and forthcoming than players wanted, resulting in a bigger backlash that spread to mainstream media. Bungie risks doing the same thing to their fan base if they aren’t honest about their intentions with the XP scaling system and the reason for its existence.