Remedy’s next game is back in the news, and it still isn’t Alan Wake 2

So, the studio was hiring developers for some sort of cooperative multiplayer game that maybe could’ve been an Alan Wake sequel even if it probably wasn’t back in September 2016 already, and now it’s looking for a designer to work on something with “compelling, innovative online game modes” that almost definitely isn’t an Alan Wake sequel, so that’s that.

According to the job ad for a “World Systems Designer” on Remedy’s website, the project is codenamed “P7” and features some similarities with… PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Destiny? Okay.

Are you constantly thinking about intriguing ways to excite your players and keep them invested in your game’s world? Are you obsessed with lore and a desire to create rich content that communities will devour? Do you design challenge systems that are so moreish your players plan their week around them? Have you already designed the next Battle Royale? Are you always among the first to find Xûr?

This would be a somewhat new thing for the company, whose previous resumé includes mostly single-player narrative games like Max Payne, Quantum Break, and Alan Wake. Applications are open until January, so whatever it is besides not Alan Wake 2, the game won’t to be out for some time.

Via VG247.