Hearthstone has three full expansions planned for 2018

The good news, if you’re into digital card games with a goblins and beards flavour, is that Blizzard will continue supporting Hearthstone next year with three full expansions spread throughout the year. The bad news, though, is that Adventures are well and truly scrapped, for the foreseeable future at least.

“It’s hard to put definitive numbers to those sets, but three full sets,” said Hearthstone art director Ben Thompson, in an interview with Metabomb. “Whatever that may mean, give or take cards – is absolutely the plan, with missions in each.”

There were a lot of people who got a kick out of the structure and themes of the Adventures mode, but it seems Blizzard has decided to make a concession there and focus energy on expanding the core game. It makes sense, though – trying to balance the challenge and complexity of Adventures resulted in a dumbed-down mode to accommodate new players, chasing away more experienced players in the process.

So, instead we will be treated to those three expansions, each with proper mission content, to keep Hearthstone’s impressive momentum going.

Playing virtual card games is an obscure concept, if you ask me, but the rest of you seem to be quite taken by Blizzard’s deck battler, so I should probably give it a bit more attention and see what all the fuss is about.