The truth is in your pocket in The X-Files: Deep State

Government conspiracies. Monsters that are just people with rare diseases or genetic mutations and not actually monsters, except when they are. Something about aliens. That’s the inevitable business of The X-Files: Deep State, a free-to-play mobile game launching in time for the new season of the show next year.

In development at Creative Mobile and published by Fox’s FoxNext Games division, The X-Files: Deep State casts you as Special Agent I Want To Believe (or whatever) who must solve the cases everybody else at the FBI – including Mulder and Scully, apparently – is too busy with real, important cases to deal with.

“Uncover clues, collect and process evidence, solve puzzles and help interrogate suspects,” the website blurb explains. “Reveal the truth by discovering objects while investigating new cases every month. Let your clever eye and cunning mind serve you to reach the top of the leaderboard.”

Without much else to go on besides some screenshots, we can probably assume it’s a sort of hidden object thing with occasional multiple choice dialogue. According to the press stuff, the game is set sometime in 2010 between seasons 10 and 11 of the show, and new cases will be released on a monthly basis with support from otherwise unspecified in-app purchases that may or may not help fund a plot to keep the existence of extraterrestrials a secret.

It’s out on iOS, Android, and Facebook in February 2018.