Our newsletter’s had a bit of a bumpy ride. We got so many fresh sign-ups in such a short space of time that our web server inevitably cracked under the weight of several million emails, and at some time in the night the poor thing died a very sudden, very grisly death, still clutching copies of the newsletter in its clenched fist even as its artificial soul moved on to A Better Place™.

This proved to be a wildly obnoxious inconvenience for our subscribers, some of whom were inundated with dozens of copies of the newsletter flooding their inbox whenever we sent them out, because reasons.

It’s a long, miserable story – but the good news is that we’ve ironed the kinks, we’ve boosted the signal, we’ve wrung out the kittens, and everything’s working perfectly again. We’ve been testing it for the last few weeks, just to be sure, and now that everything’s A-Okay, it’s time to offer y’all the chance to win some free things!

Here’s what we’ve got to give away: a Skullcandy Crusher Wireless headset (i.e. this one), an Astrum IP100 security camera, and an Astrum AL150 Smart Security Lock. We haven’t yet decided if the prizes will all be going to one winner, or if we’ll choose multiple winners.

If you want the chance to win some/all of these thingies, all you’ve got to do is sign up for our newsletter, and then activate your subscription once you receive an activation email from us. If you’re already an active subscriber, good for you, because you’re automatically entered into the draw.

We’ll randomly draw the winner/winners next Thursday, 7 December, and they’ll be announced via the newsletter we send out the following day.

Aaand that’s it, I think. Happy hunting! Or something.

Please note that this competition is only open to residents of South Africa. Also, if you don’t win, try to be gracious about it. Generally speaking, people don’t like whiny assholes.

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