EA DICE has planned your holiday for you with the Battlefield 1 holiday schedule

EA DICE has given us what is essentially a modern day take on the old holiday club things we were forced to endure as children, except that instead of “finger painting at the church on Wednesdays” and “Christmas carols at the park on Fridays”, it’s now “killing Germans for double XP” and “here’s a free gun, mate,” and I think it’s a vast improvement.

So, every Monday and Thursday during Battlefield 1 Holidays (which is happening already and ends on New Year’s Eve) you’ll get 250 bonus Scraps by logging in to the game, and there will also be new Holiday Battlepack Revisions and items in the Scrap Store.

On Tuesdays there will be Holiday Battlepack Missions to test your festive spirit, and if you’ve got the jingle bells for it you will be rewarded with a Superior Battlepack.

Log in on a Wednesday and you’ll bag a Standard Battlepack, simply for showing up at all. Stuff that in your Christmas stocking, why don’t you. There will also be special rewards to unlock on Fridays, but you’ll need to log in to find out what those are.

You’ll be able to boost your XP on December weekends too, with Saturday 2XP Events and a Squad XP Boost, which you’ll be given once you log in on the Sunday. It truly is the season of giving, ‘ey? And then don’t forget that Battlefield 1 Turning Tides is out of 11 December too.

Oh, and on Christmas day there will be no scraps handout, but instead you’ll get a Superior Battlepack. I’m mostly drunk on brandy-soaked cake most of Christmas day, but thankfully that Battlepack will be available as long as you log in between the 25th and the 27th. So, note to self, sober up by 27 December.

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