Microsoft’s Edge browser is now live on iOS and Android and my allegiances are at a crossroads

Early in October, Tarryn pointed out that Microsoft’s largely ignored Edge browser would be doing the business on Android and iOS mobile devices, and I’m here to point out the preview phase is over and it is officially something that is happening right now.

Tech-type people are infinitely odd when it comes to allegiances, but we’re deadly seriously about it. I used to be a Windows acolyte, and then I started working in design so I discovered the endless joy of Apple, and now I’m an iPhone zombie and would rather die than use an Android (*spit*) handset, but I love my Xbox One but also can’t bear to use a Microsoft browser because I use Safari, but I have to search with Bing because Google makes Android, and and and… it’s madness. Or is that just me? [Bing?! It’s just you. – Ed]

If there’s a point, and I think there is, it’s that I was still using Internet Explorer for a long time because somehow I hadn’t been told it’s garbage, and now I just sort of assume that Edge is equally garbage too, because of how all you tech people bitch about it. So I’m never even going to give it a chance.

But, should you want to, on your iOS or Android mobile device, you now can. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my point.

[via The Verge]
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