As Mega Man turns 30, Capcom has revealed an all-new entry in the core franchise: Mega Man 11

As part of Mega Man’s tri-decade anniversary celebrations, Capcom has revealed Mega Man 11, the first new entry in the core Mega Man franchise since 2010. Debut footage of the game comes at the end of a nostalgic video montage showing off 30 years of Mega Man, and while it’s been given a fresh new look, the gameplay is still unmistakably pure Blue Bomber.

Mega Man 11 brings the classic action platformer franchise up to date with richly detailed, hand-painted backgrounds and 3D character models, set for release on Xbox One, PC, PS4 and Switch “late 2018”. Hardcore fans of the series might complain that this new visual style takes away from the traditional pixel style, but I think it’s a huge improvement, as long as the controls remain tight and the platforming action is as unforgiving as always.

The Mega Man X series is also getting the re-release treatment, with all eight titles on their way to current-gen hardware. 2018 looks like a good time to be a Mega Man fan.

It’s almost hard to believe the Blue Bomber has hit the big Three-O. Thirty years old. That means Mr. Man should be settling down, maybe have a kid or two, a dog at least. Instead he’s still leaping around, his arms theatrically flailing about his head (I’ve always despised the way Mega Man jumps, I’m sorry, it just looks silly), shooting everything that moves.