EA’s first attempt to fix the Star Wars Battlefront 2 microtransaction disaster has arrived

You may think that shutting down the whole microtransaction feature of Star Wars Battlefront 2 was the first step to remedy the problem, but that’s more like shutting an amusement park because a teenager had his face eaten off by a faulty rollercoaster – it’s not a solution at all, it’s just an emergency brake. And that only happened because Disney (rightly) threw a tantrum. But EA has, at last, begun working towards properly remedying the situation, albeit in a very small way to start with.

Phase one of whatever the grand repair scheme may be, is that EA has ramped up the rate at which players earn in-game currencies, according to the official Battlefront 2 site. Firstly, end-of-round credits have been increased, with an extra boost for the best players on each team. Secondly, the daily Arcade Mode Credit ceiling has been tripled to 1500 credits, because players were apparently maxing out far too quickly. And lastly, daily login crates will give players more crafting parts, helping gamers get those Star Cards with a little less grind.

So, effectively, the rollercoaster is still broken and dangerous, but the amusement park has been reopened anyway, and to make everyone happy they’ve given you free candy floss and made the tickets cheaper. I guess it’s a start.

I really would love it if this is could be the last article we have to write regarding Battlefront 2 and it’s malignant pay-to-win system. But it won’t be.