Bridge Constructor: Portal is the mashup you didn’t know you’d always wanted

Portal with trucks? Bridge Constructor with portals? Either way you look at it, Bridge Constructor: Portal sounds like a recipe for good times. A mashup of ClockStone Software’s popular construction puzzler and Valve’s timeless classic may sound like a bridge too far, but any opportunity to step back into Aperture Laboratories’ test chambers sounds good to me. 

As the name suggests, Bridge Constructor: Portal takes the bridge construction formula and throws in Portal’s blue/orange teleport technology and instantly recognisable minimalist aesthetic. I probably don’t have to explain how it’s going to work, do I? It’s Portal, but with vehicular test subjects, so you’re building bridges and popping through space holes to get from A to B.

No, it’s clearly not the new Portal game fans would have been waiting for, but I guess it will have to do. I’m just looking forward to being reunited with the chronically sardonic GLaDOS, she tends to steal the show whenever she’s around. Bridge Constructor: Portal is out on Windows PC, Mac, Linux and mobile on 20 December, with a console launch planned for sometime in 2018.