Dragon’s Watch is a mobile tactical RPG battler with eggs

The Secret Police, a London-based studio, has just put the finishing touches on a new mobile project, Dragon’s Watch, and sent it out into the crowded mobile market to fight for your attention. It’s what they call a tactical battle RPG, and it’s out now.

As with any game with the word “dragon” in its title, you already know Dragon’s Watch is all wizards and spells and swords and so on. Set in the suitably mystical land of Kagria, it’s all about missing dragon eggs which hold the protectors of the realm, and the missing Golden Guardians – the chaps entrusted to protect the eggs. Basically, a lot of important aspects of the story have gone missing, and it’s up to you to put together a crack team of adventurers to reclaim the realms and all that.

I’m brushing over the magic-‘n’-beards narrative here, but the actual gameplay of Dragon’s Watch has surprising depth for a mobile freebie. It’s one of those card-collecting numbers where you unlock new heroes and level them up as you progress, swapping out characters based on their element type to best take on each upcoming sequence of battles, and there’s quite a bit of strategy involved in building your deck of warriors (Ha! My autocorrect just changed that to “waffles”. Now, wouldn’t that be a game worth playing?) as you do all that realm-recapturing stuff.

It’s quaint, it’s got many layers to dig into, it wields a charming art style, and it’s out now on iOS and Android for zero money. Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that you can play it offline too, which is a rarity these days.