Capcom has announced all six new challengers coming to Street Fighter V for season 3

Capcom usually likes to keep us waiting when it comes to revealing new fighters for Street Fighter V, but at this year’s Capcom Cup we were treated to the announcement of all six new fighters in one go. Season 3 is about to kick off, and this time we’re getting four returning characters, and two all-new brawlers preparing to enter the fray.

The new cinematic trailer for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition shows glimpses of the new fighters along with the rest of the roster. Sagat is back, as is the green machine Blanka, two of my favourite characters from the early days of the franchise. Sakura and Cody are also making their way back to SFV, both having first appeared during the Street Fighter Alpha days. The new characters are the top hat-sporting bearded chap, G, and the towering raven-haired Falke, who has more than a bit of an Ed vibe about her.

All six will be part of the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, with Sakura striking first on the Arcade Edition’s launch day, 16 January. The rest will be spread across the upcoming season, as usual. Oh, and Xbox gamers are still out of luck, because Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is still Windows PC and PS4 only.

[via comicbook]