The Ready Player One trailer is a what’s what of pop culture references

Almost six months since the teaser dropped, the first proper trailer for Ready Player One is out and it’s a lot more of the same but now also with Tracer from Overwatch.

It looks like the movie is expanding the novel’s nerd nostalgia from the ’80s and ’90s into some more contemporary stuff, so kids from 2017 can also play remember-the-thing in 2037 when they plug into the ultraverse and find a megadisc version on sale at RetroMedia.

Based on Ernest Cline’s book of the same name, Ready Player One is about a dystopian future in which almost everybody lives in virtual reality because actual reality is a disappointing mess, and a teen who becomes a sort of celebrity in an MMORPG called OASIS, meets a girl, and gets on the wrong side of an inevitably insidious corporate plot to monetise the game. It’s out in March 2018.