The Evil Within 2 free trial is available now

Doesn’t it feel like demos for video games used to be more commonplace than they are now? There used to be so many that we had to store them on “Demo Discs”, which were given out for free. These days, options to try before you buy seem to have withered up, so every time a game offers a free trial we have to stop what we’re doing and draw attention to it. The latest is The Evil Within 2, which allows players to sample its spooky, hair-monster battling delights.

According to a post on Bethesda’s blog, the free trial is available now and lets players explore the first few chapters of the game. They don’t mention how many, but players will be able to experience several linear missions and also explore the game’s open world a bit. Save data from the free trial will also carry over if you upgrade to the full game, and players will have access to the protagonist’s customisation options. Here’s a trailer, compete with blood, gore, and bloody gore.

The Evil With 2’s free trial is available right now on Steam, PS4, and XBO. Be sure to check out Matthew Vice’s review to see how much praise he heaped on it.

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