The next Battlefield game is Bad Company 3, according to a rumour on the internet

We prefer not to dabble in rumours here at NAG, but I’m going to try slip this one past quality control anyway. Why? Because it relates to the possibility of a new Battlefield: Bad Company. Which is my favourite thing in the whole entire world.

Today’s rumour comes courtesy of YouTube user AlmightyDaq, who claims to have details on Bad Company 3, and while we would usually just file this under “Fake News”, this is the same chap who accurately outed a slew of Battlefield 1 details, long before EA DICE had released the information. So maybe, just maybe, this is the real deal.

According to the supposed leak, Battlefield: Bad Company 3 will be set during and after the Vietnam conflict, progressing into the Cold War. Multiplayer is said to focus on battles of a smaller scale than those seen in Battlefield 1, with weapon customisation options similar to that of Battlefield 4.

None of this can be verified, and you can assume EA won’t speak up to confirm or deny the report, so we’ll have to wait until E3 2018, which is when the game is apparently set to be officially revealed. Please oh please let this all be true.

[via VG247]