10 million Nintendo Switch consoles have found loving homes

Do we do console sales milestones? I don’t really even know. Regardless, I thought it was quite marvellous that the Nintendo Switch has already hit the 10 million sales mark, and the suits at Nintendo HQ must be jumping for joy, albeit in a very stoic style befitting the Japanese way.

The 10 million sales mark is a big one, especially when you consider that the Wii U had sold only 13.56 million by the end of 2016, and had been on the market since late 2012. The Nintendo Wii – arguably the last console to have made everyone and their grandmother lose their shit and start playing tennis in their living room – sold just over 100 million during its time on the market, so while the Switch has some catching up to do, it’s making serious inroads.

Now we’ve got games like Bayonetta 3, Resident Evil, and who knows what else, coming to Nintendo’s latest console, and you have to assume that this momentum is only going to keep growing as more and more hardcore gamers see the Switch as a serious contender in the console space.

ryan reynolds detective pikachu
Ryan Reynolds talking about his super serious method process for Detective Pikachu is exactly what you expect