You’ll want to watch this new Sea of Thieves video if you’re interested in becoming a pirate legend

Possibly sensing that a lot of the gaming public still feels a little lost regarding the hard facts about Sea of Thieves, Rare has put together a new video detailing the progress systems, questing, pirate reputation and more. It’s a big game, and one that the developer has struggled to communicate with much clarity, so this video should come in handy.

The video focuses largely on how you’ll go about building your pirate’s legacy, with design director Mark Chapman calling it a personal journey to build a reputation and become a pirate legend. This starts with vast player customisation options, through to your choice of which voyages you should embark on, and how you choose to deal with the three trading companies which occupy the Sea of Thieves.

These companies each relate to a different play style, so you’ll either be hunting for hidden treasure, running transport duty, or fighting the bony undead, depending on who’s coin you’re earning. The quests and voyages can be shared with your friends, and you will be able to join others on quests that you haven’t unlocked yourself, earning reputation in the process.

Of course, players will not be restricted to these clearly defined quest types – there will be plenty of off-mission content to fill your pirate days and nights when you’re not delivering chickens or digging for loot boxes. No, not those loot boxes, relax people. So, lots to look forward to in Sea of Thieves, come release day.