There’s a Monster Hunter: World open beta on the way for PlayStation 4 gamers

As a follow-up to the PlayStation Plus-exclusive beta which went down earlier this month, Capcom has announced a second, more inclusionary beta, this time for all PS4 gamers with an internet connection and a desire to hunt monsters. The open beta kicks off on Friday 22 December at 5pm (UTC), and no, Xbox One gamers, you’re still not invited to the monster party.

There will be three quests available during the beta – Great Devourer, Great Jagras, Wildspire Rampage, and The Ancient Forest Menace – and you’ll be rewarded for your participation with a unique face paint customisation and other in-game items, should you choose to buy the full game upon its release.

It’s worth mentioning that the beta is online only, so even if you’re only planning on trying the single-player component, you will still need an internet connection. Keep in mind that your data won’t be saved, so once you quit the game, everything will be reset. And while the multiplayer is open to everyone during this beta phase, you’ll need a PlayStation Plus membership for that when it comes to the full retail release.

You’ll have until 4:59pm (UTC) on Tuesday 26 December to squeeze in as much monster hunting as possible before Capcom shuts it down.