The latest Friday the 13th: The Game update adds offline bots to join the fun

Friday the 13th: The Game had me intrigued at first, but its reliance on playing with real people was spanners to my plans – I’m not a big fan of playing with others. The latest update fixes that, adding offline bots, so that socially awkward types can also get stuck in without having to deal with actual humans.

There will be three difficulty settings for the bots, affecting how well they hide, how likely they are to fight you, and so on. There’s also a new counsellor, Shelly Finkelstein, as well as new clothing options, and increased level cap, and a plethora of tweaks and fixes.

Besides all of that, a particularly interesting addition is the revival of the Virtual Cabin, which was offered to PC users as a sort of developer diary while Illfonic was busy working on the game. Virtual Cabin 2.0 expands on that, allowing players to explore the history of the Friday the 13th franchise, but with “something deeper, beneath the surface if you wish to dig around,” according to the official site.

There’s a lot to this update, with just about every aspect of the game being tweaked in some way, so head over to Illfonic’s patch notes for the details.