Star Trek: Bridge Crew no longer forces you to wear silly headgear

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is one of those games which really only comes into its own when you’re playing with friends, and also one with a substantial barrier to entry – until now, anyone without a VR headset and accompanying hardware would have been fresh out of luck. Ubisoft and developer Red Storm Entertainment have remedied that, though, with a free update which makes the game open to anyone with a PlayStation 4 or capable PC.

“One of the most common things we’ve heard from the community is that they want to play with friends who don’t own a virtual reality headset,” said game director Brian Tate, in the developer diary video released to coincide with the latest update, “and we’re going to bring everybody together to play Star Trek: Bridge Crew.”

Beyond the addition of non-VR support, Red Storm Entertainment has also added graphical enhancements to make use of the horsepower freed up by untethering from the hardware requirements for virtual reality, turing the visual dials up a few notches. So, if you’ve been interested in taking control of a starship with a few friends at your side, but can’t bear to wait any longer for everyone else to cough up the cash for VR headsets, here’s your chance.

Via Rock, Paper, Shotgun