Online free roam is coming to Need for Speed: Payback

The narrative which drives Need for Speed: Payback is horrendous and should be avoided as much as possible. That’s why I’m particularly happy to hear that Ghost Games is bringing back the Online Free Roam mode, allowing players to cruise around the game world with friends, without having to endure that shocking script.

The announcement was made via a tweet from the official Need for Speed profile, which doesn’t tell us much, other than that the mode is making its return, and it’s happening this year. The comments section, however, reveals that the Online Free Roam mode will be released as free DLC. The comments section also reveals that most people are pissed off that the mode wasn’t included in the first place. Because the internet is a bloody war zone at all times and no one is ever just chilled about anything.

It’s a fair question, though – 2015’s Need for Speed had an Online Free Roam mode, and the latest game shares much of its technology with its predecessor, so you have to wonder how hard it would have been to get it ready by launch day. See, now I’m also being one of those internet people.