Overwatch ”inspired” Paladins gets similarly inspired by PUBG

Hero shooter and unashamed Overwatch clone Paladins has decided that copying one game simply isn’t up to scratch, and have announced that they’ll be ripping off PUBG as well.

Just kidding – sort of. They’ve announced their very own “Battlegrounds” mode, no doubt hoping to ride the coattails of success of PUBG and the similarly opportunistic Fortnite Battle Royale.

Going free-to-play has set the shooter apart from the much pricier Overwatch, and as such the game has enjoyed some decent success on Steam.

While this is no doubt PUBG ‘’inspired’’, it does stand out in that this will be team-based in a way PUBG isn’t. Due to the nature of the core game, it’ll need to have a fairly unique implementation, so it’ll be interesting to see where developer Hi-Rez goes with this.