Elder Scrolls Online is getting new Dragon Bones DLC and a pretty substantial update next month

Kicking off what will hopefully be another year of improvements and new content, Bethesda has announced the first Elder Scrolls Online revision for 2018, Update 17, as well as two dragon-inspired dungeons to slog through as part of the Dragon Bones DLC, both set for release in February. 

The new downloadable content, which will be free for ESO Plus subscribers or available for purchase from the game’s Crown Store, opens up the Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair dungeons, each with new enemies, collectables, achievements and the rest.

In Scalecaller Peak, you and your band of merry miscreants will be tasked with taking down a band of diseased cultists, hard at work at the burial site of a deceased Dragon Priest, planning to release a deadly plague on the folk of Tamriel. As for Fang Lair, here we’ve got a naughty necromancer up to notably nefarious nonsense, attempting to bring a dead dragon back to life. And you have to kill him. And his mates, obviously. None shall be spared, and all that.

Right, so that’s the Dragon Bones DLC. As for Update 17, there are a few things worth mentioning. Firstly – and this is my favourite bit, because I’m the guy who spends 43% of his time ensuring that his Skyrim Nord has the perfect belt to go with his hat – there’s a new Outfit System. You will now be able to carefully customise your look, via the Outfit Stations, regardless of what gear you have equipped. Each player can have one unique outfit, but you can get Outfit Change Tokens and slots to add more outfits via the Crown Store. Here’s my fashion tip, when suiting up for adventure: rather look like James Bond at a 50 Cent convention, than 50 Cent at a James Bond convention.

Elsewhere, we have the addition of Home Storage – here you will be able to get hold of unique storage options, crates and chests and so on, in which you can store your important belongings in your ESO home. There is also a Level Up Advisor and Skills Advisor, tools which will guide you along your way to crafting your ultimate bespoke hero or heroine. The Level Up Advisor gives you tips and rewards – including gold, materials and so on – each time you gain a level, while the Skills Advisor will point to the details of your skills and abilities, perfect for newcomers.

Aspects of the combat system are being reworked too, specifically with regards to the ability synergies within battle. We don’t know much more about that right now, but the details will be in the patch notes when Update 17 goes live.

Lastly, those who get their kicks from PvP will now have two new Battlegrounds maps – Mor Khazgur and Deeping Dome – for 4v4v4 death-dealing. Take note that you’ll need to be rocking ESO: Morrowind to take part in the Battlegrounds mode.

The Dragon Bones DLC and Update 17 will be here sometime in February, although we don’t have a precise release date just yet.