The third and final Monster Hunter: World beta is coming later this month

Can I just copy and paste the previous Monster Hunter: World beta announcement, change the dates, and add a bit about the additional quest that’s been thrown in this time? No? Fine. So, there’s yet another Monster Hunter: World beta on the way for PS4 gamers, starting on 19 January, 2am (UTC), and it’s got an extra quest.

Capcom is clearly determined to make sure that, when Monster Hunter: World hits retail, there will be no Call of Duty: WW2-esque server meltdown. A single beta phase is always a good idea for multiplayer games. Two is great. Three, well, that’s just showing off. This time around, Monster Hunter: World will use worldwide multiplayer matchmaking to stress-test the servers before the game is released into the wild on 26 January. A part of me wonders if an open Xbox One server test might not have been a good idea, but hey, what do I know about such technical things.

Along with the three quests from the previous test outings, this final phase adds The Insatiable Nergigante, set in the Wildspire Waste locale. Other than that, it’s business as usual: you need to be online to take part, you don’t need to be a PS Plus subscriber to get in on the action, and there are face paint customisations and item sets up for grabs for completing the quests. Oh, and the party is over at 1:59am (UTC) on 22 January.

That Nergigante guy, though… rather you than me.