HP issues battery recall for 50,000 notebooks

If you’ve recently bought an HP laptop in the last two years, you might want to check your model numbers and the batteries you’re using. In a voluntary notice published on the company’s website, HP has announced a recall of up to 50,000 batteries used in several notebooks sold in the last two years. These batteries were sourced from a Chinese supplier that are susceptible to overheating, melting, and/or charring the underside of notebooks (and potentially your legs too!).  Hit the jump to find out how you might be affected.

HP says that the notebook models involved in the recall are limited to one of the following:

  • HP Probook 640 G2 and G3
  • HP Probook 645 G2 and G3
  • HP Probook 650 G2 and G3
  • HP Probook 655 G2 and G3
  • HP x360 G2
  • HP ENVY m6
  • HP Paviliion x360
  • HP 11 Notebook PC
  • HP ZBook 17 G3 and G4
  • ZBook Studio G3 and G4

All of these models ran from December 2015 to December 2017 and were sold worldwide, so there’s a good chance that someone locally in South Africa bought several of these. The batteries that triggered the rollout were sold with the units, with some designs allowing them to be detached. It was also possible to buy a replacement battery that is similarly affected.

If you bought one of these models, HP offers a utility to check the battery’s serial number and see if you have an affected unit. For the affected notebooks, HP is also seeding a BIOS update that allows owners to use their notebooks running off the wall socket rather than the battery (which is set to “Battery Safety Mode”) should they have an affected unit, and you’re advised to take your notebook in to your nearest supplier or service center to fix the battery issue.

Source: HP Support