Nintendo Switch is now the fastest-selling console ever in US

With the possible exception of drinking a beer in the shower, nothing feels quite as good as breaking your own record.

Just ask Nintendo, who’ve announced that the Switch is now the fastest selling home console ever in the US – a record previously held by the Wii.

They’re at almost 5 million units sold since the console launched on the 3rd of March last year. They’ve had similar success with their software too, with 60 percent of Switch owners having bought Super Mario Odyssey, 55 percent playing the new Zelda and 40 percent still trying to figure out how to switch it on.

Staple favourite Mario Kart also belongs to half of all Switch owners, an impressive feat considering it’s a port of a Wii U game. Less impressive when you consider how many people own a Wii U.

The software sales aren’t all that surprising – Nintendo’s strongest titles has always been their first party stuff, a lack of which contributed heavily to the failure of the Wii U.

The Switch’s quick success has garnered a ton of interest from third-party developers, which should give the console the momentum it needs to continue to sell through. This is something the Wii didn’t manage, slowly losing steam as the gimmick wore off.

Nintendo isn’t slowing down their own releases either, with Kirby, Bayonetta and Yoshi games slated for next year, along with, almost certainly, something Pokemon.